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Mr Coffee FTX21 Coffee Maker Review

Mr Coffee Coffee Maker ReivewMr Coffee FTX21 Coffee Maker Review
Rating: 0 Stars out of 5 for a strong track record of defective units and extremely low customer satisfaction.
Price: $46

Anyone who has ever poured through an entire product line knows some models are good and some models are plagued with problems, even if they’re made by the same company. Once in a while an excellent manufacturer will put out something defective, unworthy of your consumer dollars. Mr Coffee, unfortunately, has had put out one of those products. The Mr. Coffee FTX21 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker pleases at least half of the people who buy it, however, the FTX21 has a high defect rate.

I tend to believe there’s good in all products, except for books. I’m not a fan of words; I’m a fan of heart. Books are all fact and no heart. Never mind I make my living writing words. Anyway, there’s plenty of good in the Mr Coffee FTX21. The Consumer Sensei likes the temperature controlled warming plate which means you can adjust the temperature your coffee is warmed at. (I like my joe warm, not boiling, very useful feature.) The FTX21 also makes up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, great for caffeine addicted families and small offices! The Mr. Coffee FTX21 Coffee Maker also includes a water filtration system, you don’t have to use it, but it’s nice to know it’s there. That’s about all I have on the good, on to the bad.

Well, the pros are only good if your Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker works. Unfortunately, we’ve read too many user reviews complaining that their brand new coffee maker mysteriously stopped making coffee 2 months after they bought it. (Sounds like the makings of a very bad and much unwanted I Robot sequel to me.) I’m not going to write about the steam spewing, leaking, and defective warming plates, you can read about those from users on Amazon. I would rather talk about the cons of units that actually work. Let’s say you buy one, and it does work. Still, there are some flaws in the FTX21 Coffee Maker I feel my readers should know about before they decide to purchase one. No clock battery; if the electricity goes out for a split second, so does the clock.

Final Analysis
I can’t say much in favor of the Mr. Coffee FTX21 Coffee Maker in this review except the price is fair. Well, I guess that’s not a good thing, it’s an “okay” thing. I’m not saying Mr. Coffee is a poor company or deceitful either. They just dropped the ball, happens to every company. Hopefully they’ll learn from their mistake and come out with a better coffee maker to replace the awful FTX21 soon. If they consistently worked, the FTX21 would warrant at least 4 stars out of 5, however, the shoddy nature of the Mr. Coffee FTX21 deserves not even a single star. 1 star reviews outnumber 5 star reviews 9 – 7 at the moment, enough for me to advise my readers to stay as far away from this unit as possible!