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Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder Review


Coffee Maker Review: Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 for a simple design and very small price.
Price: $20

This one is definitely for the coffee lover! The Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder is for the coffee enthusiast who loves to pick their own coffee beans and grind them to taste. I’ll spill all the beans in my Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder IDS77 Review.

At $20, Mr Coffee’s IDS77 Coffee Grinder is very reasonably priced. Users can grind enough beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee. This machine is great for grinding all types of coffee based drinks from espresso to your run of the mill cup of coffee. (Just for your reference, coffee makers often require specific grind requirements to achieve maximum flavor. Check your manual or do a little online research to understand your coffee maker and grind requirements.) Mr. Coffee has also gone to great lengths to make cleaning the IDS77 Coffee Grinder easy to clean by including a Chamber Maid cleaning system with bowl scraper to remove coffee from the grinder. The grinding chamber is dishwasher safe. Your Sensei also likes the extremely simple and intuitive controls; push a button and grind, the way EVERYTHING should be. Like all the products your Sensei endorses, customers usually say “my Mr. Coffee IDS77 Coffee Grinder worked better than I expected.” Despite having 40 reviews, there’s only been a single 1 star rating, a very impressive track record!

Capacity could be great, not ideal for grinding large amounts of coffee for parties.

Final Analysis
This is not a professional grade coffee grinder by any means, however it’s ideal for the home coffee enthusiast. There are enough coarseness settings to accommodate a wide range of preferences and the price is extremely small. The Consumer Sensei considers the Mr. Coffee IDS77 Coffee Maker a strong buy, especially for bargain hunters.